Last thursday september 2th. We Fashion launched their new fall/ winter campaign with an exclusive fashion party.

We Get Together was the motto and everything around “getting together ” was all the talk….

WE kicked off their campaign at the Mayor Manor in Amsterdam and it was fully packed with fashion Be’ners and Celebrities.

We were there at the venue for you with Anne-lotte Hakvoort that interviewed some guest.

Joris Aperghis .. “Also” .. chief marketing officer said that in a couple of week will start the new fall/winter campaign 2014 with the main theme of “getting together” because they believe that when people get together the good things happen. We truly agree in this theory and we are sure that this new campaign will be a success.

So stop selfyness time let’s start togetherness ….

Amsterdam Fashion Tv also spoke to the photographer of the campaign Philip Vogelenzang who explained us the story behind the concept of the shoot and the journalist Esther Muller that was impressed by the sincerity of the “Get Together” message.

Enjoy the video reportage.