When We talk about fashion and new trends always comes in our mind the most beautiful clothes and the coolest brands that we usually find in fashion magazines and in the fashionable universe, but for any production to be complete the choice of accessories makes all the difference, in highlight for few seasons, the “MAXI ACCESSORIES” has made the head of the women bolder even the most BASIC WOMEN.

Usually made of lightweight materials, special stones and vibrant colors they are seen on necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

Here are some tips to choose the right accessory and shine in your own production.

If you use a MAXI NECKLACE choose discrete earrings for not to take the attention of the necklace highlighted.

The tendency for the rings is that they come with large applications and can be combined with double rings.

For the bracelets the trend is to combine several at once, making a fun and extravagant production.

The coolest thing is that there are maxi accessories that can be used in day by day and those who are more sophisticated for an occasion more special.

 The season promises to leave the women even more beautiful and charming.

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