In highlight some seasons the style “LIKE A BOY” like so many other trends have a story.

The first female suit was created by the talented hands of designer Coco Chanel, known not only for her couture collections Coco was innovative, feminist and fought for equality between men and women, she was the first woman to bring menswear to feminine universe.

Although Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich (German actress famous in the 30s) have been one of the first women to wear the menswear style, TOMBOY or LIKE A BOY STYLE began to shine in universities in London and has become more popular between fashionistas and can be seen in fashion editorials , life style of “IT GIRLS” and celebrities.

Marlene Dietrich

The fun is to mix pieces of the male wardrobe with the delicacy and femininity of the female wardrobe without losing the sensuality and elegance.


For don’t err in the choosing, invest in well-cut suits, ties, shirts, vests and shoes as the famous Oxford.

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