Is Kristen Stewart going back to school?

Rumours have it that Kristen Stewart is going back to school.

The 23 years old actress started acting at the age of eight and, when she was 10, got her first major role in Panic Room, where she was the diabetic daughter of Jodie Foster. In 2008, aged 18, she got the main role of Bella Swan in the Twilight saga, a turning point in her acting career that brought her to international fame. However, that meant she never got to complete college.

Kristen is said to have enrolled to a course in English literature at the University of California (UCLA). Nothing has yet been confirmed, neither by the school nor by Stewart’s representatives, but it’s believed that she will take a distance-learning course and study remotely to fit her studies with her filming career. Once she graduates, Kristen will have more options with regards to her future, be it in Hollywood or not.

If the rumours are true, Kristen wouldn’t be the first actress to go back to school. Others like Emma Watson, Lily Cole and Tyra Banks did the same move and went back to studying after having already embarked in successful careers.

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