Still going strong: the Boho

Every season fashion brings new trends, but a style that has already stayed for a few summers is the Boho. Coming from the word “bohemian”, the Boho is a female fashion that draws on hippie influences and reflects an unconventional, joyful and uncompromised lifestyle.

Although many of its elements became popular in the late ‘60es, the Boho as an actual trend was first seen in the early 1990s and has repeatedly re-surfaced. British Boho icons from the mid nineties are Joss Stone and Rachel Stevens, while at its height in 2004 and 2005 the Boho was associated mainly with Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.

Boho is chic and feminine, if you haven’t tried it you should hurry and do it now (or you might regret it later)!

Sienna Miller, Boho icon
Sienna Miller, Boho icon

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