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The days, movies and celebrities continue here at the Venice Film Festival.

Agonizing animals, beaten women, diseased families, decay, violence, alcoholism and a deep and irreparable loneliness fill the common background of the films in competition in these days.

In Die Frau des Polizisten (The Police Officer’s Wife) by Philip Gröning – perhaps one of the most stylistically “experimental” movies here in Venice – a “tactile” microcosm of everyday family life unfolds throughout sixty chapters, almost three hours long. The shortest ones are family snapshots of intimacy and tenderness, instants and places of a lovely all too perfect family. These are alternated with longer chapters portraying the husband’s systematic violence over his wife, till her self-obliteration. Brutality and delicacy coexist in a naive beauty.

The Police Officer’s Wife

Joe by David Gordon Green is yet another American story of a kid (Tye Sheridan), son of an old, drunken and violent father in the overall morally decadent background of a small southern village in the States. And also the story of yet another American anti-hero (Nicholas Cage) that doesn’t completely manage to rescue him.


Kelly Reichardt, also in competition in 2010 with Meek’s Cutoff, comes back to the festival this year with Night Moves, a thriller about an environmentalist dynamite action, the demolition of a dam, that turns out to be not only a political failure, but also the incipit of the moral decline of one of the activist.

Night Moves
Night Moves

The last international premiere that brings here in Venice yet another star is Child of God by James Franco. This is perhaps the most gruesome of the films in competition in the “violent” last two days in Venice. It is the filmic adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel centered on serial killer Lester Ballard.

Child of God

Nicholas Cage, Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and James Franco have already driven insane the host of fans, teenagers, parents and celebrity hunters here at the Lido, but the most awaited one is yet to come here in Venice. What time will Scarlett light up the red carpet? If you want to discover the pantone colour of her red lipstick stay tuned on Amsterdam Fashion TV!

By Grazia Ingravalle

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