Young promises from Koning Willem I College

On the last Sunday of August, Amsterdam Fashion TV attended “Dons & Divas: Lo Spettacolo”, the graduation show of Koning Willem I College in Amsterdam. The event, organized to present the final creations of the year, showcased twelve graduates: one look each, chosen among their own final collection, the school’s staircase in the reception area as unconventional runway. The creations, ranging from romantic to quirky and abstract, expressed the individual personalities of the graduates, showing different degrees of creativity and innovation and using traditional as well as unconventional materials.

Amsterdam Fashion TV would like to congratulate all the graduates for an amazing show, epitomizing the skills and talent of the Dutch fashion scene! We picked our highlights, the three designers that peaked our interest the most and from whom we would want to see more of.

The first is Rosalie Boom. The young designer was inspired by science: findings of prehistorical animals, genetic information and the possibilities of cloning. She turned this into a sexy sleeveless black catsuit with an interesting fish scales effect which became even more so with movement during the catwalk. Very quirky, yet completely wearable, a combo tricky to achieve! Well done Rosalie!

Rosalie Boom. Picture by  Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER
Rosalie Boom next to her creation. Picture by Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER

Another young designer that caught our eye was Lieke Arens. She took her inspiration from ballet and the movie Black Swan to create a black dress with fitted bodice and dramatically oversized skirt. The contrast in size gave it a delicate feel, enhanced by the use of lace and the choice of neckline. Clean and wearable, yet a statement piece that stood out. Bravo Lieke!

Lieke Arens's creation. Picture by Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER
Lieke Arens’s creation. Picture by Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER

Suzan Van Den Berg, with this dress  from her collection “The art forms of nature”, is the third designer who left us wanting to see more of her work. Her garment, inspired by nature and shells, was soft yet strong, flowing yet structured, allowing for games of light. Well done Suzan! 

TheArtFormsOfNature_Suzan van den Berg
Suzan Van Den Berg’s creation. Picture by Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER

Congratulations to these 3 young designers and to all 12 graduates for showing their creations during the Dons & Divas fashion show!

The event was attended by fashionistas, fashion lovers, photographers and models, alongside well-known names in the fashion industry including Mariana Verkerk, the famous catwalk coach from Holland’s Next Top Model and fashion designers Allan Vos and Michelangelo Winklaar .

With Allan Vos, Michelangelo Winklaar and Mariana Verkerk
With Allan Vos, Michelangelo Winklaar and Mariana Verkerk. Picture by Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER

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