Maarten Schäfer: the Dutch storyhunter

He travels the planet,  meets interesting people and experiences different cultures. When he was only sixteen he heard this quote of Mahatma Gandhi, who said: “A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do.”  Since then his quest in life has been to take action, experience adventure, step out of his comfort zone and create the man he wants to be: ‘the sum of his actions.’

This is Maarten Schäfer, born in Amsterdam and following in the footsteps of the great explorers of the Golden Age. Driven by a great curiosity he travels the world as a true story hunter. In his book “Discovering Middle East & Africa”, he takes us on a storytelling expedition crossing the continent from Egypt to South Africa. From swimming with a whale shark in Djibouti to taking us on a lion hunt, with his camera, in Namibia.

Maarten and Anouk

Maarten was in Brazil to present his book “Around The World In 80 Brands.Com”, where he illustrates what the country has to offer.

Maarten 1

Amsterdam Fashion TV met Maarten in São Paulo where he started a storytelling expedition into Brazil.

On September 26 he will be in Sao Paulo to launch an interactive book with augmented reality about the Brazilian food industry: the “Brazilian team of food”. The goal is to create and share a new image of Brazilian food with the rest of the world. Going beyond putting the Brazilian flag on a product and call it branding. This is “The New Made in Brazil”.

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