Eco-Culture in Amsterdam: Proef Restaurant

The next episode of Eco – Culture in Amsterdam let us take a look at the Proef Restaurant. The cute designed restaurant owned by Piet Hekker, serves only organic seasonal produce. With a vegetable and edible flower garden, complete with chickens running around,patio furniture made from recycled pallets, a menu that changes with the seasons, and vintage interior decoration, Proef Restaurant is a great place to find quality, sustainable food in the green atmosphere of Westerpark, in Amsterdam.

restaurant-proef-amsterdam-2   Piet-Hekker-Sustainable-Food-Proef-Restaurant-Amsterdam-7

Dutch “eating designer” MarijeVogelzang came up with the original concept for Proef Restaurant; she first opened the restaurant in Rotterdam, relocated to Amsterdam in 2006, and sold it to her former business partner Piet Hekker in 2011 so she could focus more on her design work. Serving “pure, honest and cheerful food” on large wooden boards to share, the place is decorated with vintage finds and with a focus on natural materials.

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