Fashion color trends winter 2014

“Beauty is in everything and knows no boundaries, geographic or historical’… Liberated from commercial constraints, the stylists expressed a strong love for colors that talk about emotion and, together with the fabrics, express the times we live in. Nature, art and above all skill and artisanal interpretations are the underlying influences. Throughout this book, colors express our desire to participate in something worthwhile.”  (Interfilière)

Interferière‘s trends selection for Winter 2014:



The general feeling of seductive beauty without ostentation is expressed in a fairy tale mood taking forward the highlights of last season’s celestial themes. Everything is light and airy and in total contrast with the Urban themes which dominate outerwear trends. This is lingerie at its most intimate.





Like Giorgio Armani we also believe that casual glamour is what mature women like best. Garments that are easy to wear but decorated with amazing, refined ornaments. Our inspiration moves from vintage to historical richness. Our starting point is Venice with its melting pot of Gothic, Renaissance and oriental elements.


The mix is a bit of classic plus something from other eras or cultures. In this theme we mix different worlds of taste and in the growing presence of color we see the importance of other continents and especially Brazil. A chance for lingerie to treat Playful ideas with a big dose of super chic.

“From small delicacies, graceful details, delightful surprises to … all things pretty. In a word … beauty.”

Fashion Snoop’s winter 2014/2015 runway colors presented by Color Solutions International (pics in the gallery above) divided in three different categories:

  • Warm Tones
  • Cool Tones
  • Neutral Tones

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