50 dresses that changed Fashion – Part 9

From a selection by Marie Claire’s Suzannah Ramsdale, Amsterdam Fashion TV presents 50 groundbreaking dresses that changed fashion and captured a moment in time.

These are 5 dresses that changed the fashion world forever…

10. Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ dress
The sequin-encrusted dress the Hollywood bombshell wore to sing to Happy Birthday to JFK was so tight it was said she had to be sewn into it by her assistants (although we think we can see a zip there). The white halterneck she wore in The Seven Year Itch is arguably more famous, but we think her glittering column gown was more worthy of this list… it was a shocking, sensuous tease to lover JFK and the Kennedy clan. It eventually sold at auction in New York for $1.26 million.
9. Mary Katrantzou’s ‘Room’ collection
Katrantzou’s spring 2011 collection was genius. Having a lampshade for a skirt? Inspired. The range of dresses also solidified the digital print trend that she helped to create.
8. The bias-cut dress
The bias-cut dress was developed in 1927 by Madeleine Vionette when she developed the new technique of cutting across the grain of fabric. By 1930, Hollywood designers had fallen in love with the cut and had made it into a real trend.
7. Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy Dress
It may be obvious to mention Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany‘s dress, but there is no denying what an impact it had. Hubert de Givenchy had been dressing Hepburn since 1953, but it was the creation featured in the 1961 movie that went on to become the most infamous little black dress in fashion and one of the most iconic looks in the history of film.
6. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s Narciso Rodriguez wedding dress
Carolyn asked pal Narciso Rodriguez (who was working at Cerruti at the time) to design the bias-cut gown she wore to marry JFK Jr. in 1996. It took two three-hour couture fittings in Paris and an estimated $40,000 but the outcome was a simple and sensuous dress that helped set the tone for the ’90s.

Stay tuned: tomorrow the last five dresses that changed fashion!

Source: Marieclaire.co.uk

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