50 dresses that changed Fashion – Part 10

From a selection by Marie Claire’s Suzannah Ramsdale, Amsterdam Fashion TV presents the last lots of the 50 groundbreaking dresses that changed fashion and captured a moment in time.

5. Geri Halliwell’s union jack dress
Love it or hate it, the image of Ginger Spice strutting her stuff at the 1997 BRIT Awards is forever burned onto our retinas. Made at the last minute from a tea towel, it’s almost become more famous than the Spice Girl herself. Almost.
4. The Hervé Léger bandage dress
One of the sexiest dresses of all time, over 20 years have passed since the bandage dress first burst onto the fashion scene and it’s now synonymous with the designer’s name. Sexy, classy and incredibly flattering. A style triumph.
3. Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress
The iconic wrap dress was created in 1974. It was the dress that really launched DVF’s career and by 1976 she had sold over a million of her signature dresses, causing Newsweek to label her ‘the most marketable woman since Coco Chanel.’ High praise, indeed.
2. The Yves Saint Laurent mondrian dress
The iconic dress from YSL’s autumn/winter 1965 collection was inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. The idea of a wool shift dress printed with block primary colours was quickly copied on the high street and became the look of the sixties. It’s the piece the designer is still best known for.
1. Alexander McQueen’s No.13
The finale of McQueen’s spring/summer 1999 show has already gone down in history as one of the most beautiful, innovative and high concept fashion moments of all time. The simple white dress worn by model Shalom Harlow was spray painted by two robots as she stood on a rotating platform and the robots took an entire week to programme. Pure poetry.

And this concludes our gallery of the fifty dresses that changed fashion!

Source: Marieclaire.co.uk

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