SPFW is considered one of the best and most important fashion weeks in the world, and for good reason. The country’s football and Carnival also has a jaw-dropping fashion and make fashionistas worldwide drool.

The most important brands in the country paraded their trends for the next brazilian winter 2014 and Amsterdam Fashion TV shows the summary of what happened in São Paulo.

Osklen took the 2014 World Cup and a developed a collection in partnership with the sports brand Topper.

bags shaped ball (Osklen)

The charming cleats, balls and “clutches” shaped soccer ball were produced with salmon skin, a new concept of sustainable skin, since the strength of “Osklen” is the sustainability and preservation of the planet.

Alexandre Herchcovitch inspired by the world of sweaters and tones nudes and rosés are the strengths in modeling full of ruffles, making overlays tailoring with knitted. He also bet the style “Ladylike” valuing the feminine silhouette in a mix romantic and vintage.

Ellus Jeanswear bet in style “Ethnic Folk” inspired in Japan with collars and square sleeves like Kimono, prints with details of Samurai armor and with air very modern and “Street”.

Ellus Jeanswear 1
Ellus Jeanswear

One of the most praised performances was undoubtedly by designer Reinaldo Lourenço.

Reinaldo Lourenço 1
Reinaldo Lourenço

A collection extremely feminine, rich in details, made ​​with a mixture of fabrics.

The designer Ronaldo Fraga developed a whole collection focused on the leather, but the designer was keen to make clear his concern for the environment since the leather is highly polluting. He used a technique where there is no risk of pollution of rivers.

Ronaldo Fraga
Ronaldo Fraga

The silhouette was the strengths of the collection of Fraga, with waists marked and mix of knit.

The African tribal style of Tufi Duek brought different types of raw materials such as eel leather, raffia, woven wool mixed with tulle and taffeta leaving the collection with an “Air” more rustic.

Tufi Duek
Tufi Duek

Cavalera, the collection more “Streetwear”of the fashion show entered with a collection inspired by the Arab world without losing the identity young and casual of the brand.


With a sophisticated touch of the silk and metals very adorned, horsehair and tapestry in the accessories. The jeans came with an aspect “destroyed in the desert.”

Without doubt the most elegant and charming season of the year will be full of news and for those who like to follow the trends, gets the tip!

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