Roberto Vasconcellos wes born in Minas Gerais in Brazil, from a very poor family and he went through a difficult childhood.

During his adolescence he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he he was used to live by the streets and worked as a car washer. Between a history of poverty and hardship Vasconcellos ended up in New York City where he began his journey to success, but before that, he had a hard times as homeless.  Selling soda cans and shoveling snow succeded his dream he made while sleeping on the benches of Central Park, when he saw his bags like birds flying everywhere.

Hand Crafting bags with his own hands from scraps of leather that he bought, was discovered by a journalist of the newspaper “The New York Times” which was also his first client.

Currently famous in several countries in Europe because of his famous bags and for his incredible life story, Roberto Vascon (name given by the journalist of The New York Times) wants to conquer the Brazilian market and his life story became a book, titled “Nas Asas de um Sonho “, which promises to make many people think about following dreams and grab opportunities that life gives us.

Celebrities also surrendered the “Perfect Bags” by Vascon and among his clients are Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncè, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cindy Lauper. The brand of Roberto Vascon also was present in the famous tv serie “Sex and the City.”

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