Work out or pose?

It’s been a while since I went to the gym. Besides the times that I exercised in the gym of my best friend I haven’t seen the inside of one for a few years. The last time I subscribed to a gym membership I was a youngster and tagged along with my sis Eva. We ordered a drink called ‘Fat Burner’ and just planted our behinds down on a cycle trainer and watched MTV. We even tried some Tae-Bo classes, as it was the latest trend around that time. The class didn’t last that long after we got a case of the giggles and the teacher threw us out. That was the last time I went to a gym. And my oh my… did time change.

After watching my tummy develop his own personality and growing every day a little bit more, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was time for a change. I decided to subscribe to a gym. I confessed to the lovely ladies of Luxury 4 Life PR that I was a little bit scared. ”It’s been so long and I don’t want to look like some kind of fraud.” But after their encouragement I decided to go for it.

After subscribing for a membership I went in and got changed into my gym outfit. I went downstairs and saw a lot of people work out. I had to stand still and observe everyone for a minute. Is this real life? Am I at the gym or at a fashion show? Each and every person looked flawless. These people don’t even need to go the gym! The last time I went to a gym everyone would just wear their most sloppy sweatpants and a worn out t-shirt, these days I see people wear fashion brands to sweat in. The girl next to me on the treadmill wore Armani sweatpants with a black tank top. She looked good. I did not.

I wore worn out sweatpants from the H&M and a Nike shirt that is one size to small. I thought I didn’t care, however after seeing some guys strolling down the gym in flashy wardrobe and being fierce during their workouts I did care. Next to them I looked like a bunny in heat. I was red, sweating like a pig and my hair became stuck on my forehead. I other words, I was one big mess.

After my two hour work out I sneaked out the gym and immediately looked online for some new work out gear. I bookmarked my favourite items and will get them… as soon as my salary comes in. Till then I have to rock my sloppy work out gear like there is no tomorrow.

But just wait after I get my new gear. I will be one sexy sweaty gym bunny and I will parade around the gym just like anyone else instead of hiding behind every home trainer. I will be slim once again and my tummy will be gone, just like my crappy sweat pants and Nike shirt.


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