60th anniversary of Playboy: The Party

Playboy celebrated the release of the number dedicated to his sixtieth birthday and he did it with a double event truly unique in London. On the one hand the presentation of the issue of the magazine in Bookmarc yesterday afternoon, illuminated by the beauty of Kate Moss, the unquestioned leader of the commemorative issue . The other with a big party, hosted by the same Moss and Marc Jacobs (and sponsored by Moët & Chandon and Belvedere) at the Playboy Club in London.
A truly unique event that brought together stars of the show and the fashion for a celebration in the name of joie de vivre. On the occasion of the sixtieth year of life of Playboy were also created some limited edition not to be missed . Along with 800 copies of the historical issue ( with covers designed by Mert & Marcus and hand-numbered ) of which 100 are signed by the same Moss purchased at Bookmarc and boutiques Marc Jacobs, were created by Marc Jacobs some t -shirts (still in limited edition and purchased on the site of the house ) that pick up the photo shoot in the number of Playboy.

The entire proceeds from the sale of the limited edition will be donated to amfAR has always been supported by Marc Jacobs International and Kate Moss.

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