Tipsy Wine Tasting Glass

Tipsy is a Wine Tasting Glass Designed to experience wine through all your senses. Through its shape, we hope to have created a balance between joyful design with an increased functionality. We want Tipsy to become the testing tool of wine connoisseurs and wine lovers.


“The Tipsy Wine Glass is a paradigm of how really a wine should be tasted or tested for that matter.”


Tipsy is designed for tasting wine in small amounts. The glass itself can house 3.8 ounces of wine and the shape works with its volume to allow for the right amount of wine to be sipped. The reason for this is that you don’t want your tasting glands to be overwhelmed by the liquid, but instead let it spread through the mouth evenly. Depending on the occasion you can swallow it or spit out it nicely.



Watch the video HERE



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