Happy B-DAY to World’s oldest filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira

Amsterdam Fahsion Tv celebrates the Manoel de Oliveira’s B-Day, 105 years old. He is the world’s oldest working filmmaker.

31299_390869191122_640131_nManoel Cândido Pinto de Oliveira is a Portuguese film director and screenwriter born in Cedofeita, Porto. He first began making films in 1927, when he and some friends attempted to make a film about World War I. In 1931 he completed his first film Douro, Faina Fluvial, a documentary about his home city Porto made in the city symphony genre. Photo: Amsterdam Fahion Tv editor Liliana Navarra with Manoel de Oliveira and his wife.

He made his feature film debut in 1942 with Aniki-Bóbó and continued to make shorts and documentaries for the next 30 years, gaining a minimal amount of recognition without being considered a major world film director.


Photo: Liliana Navarra, 2008

“I thought of doing the film just after the second world war. Hitler killed six million Jews in Europe and the Jews were fleeing to Portugal to fly to the States … Jews are still persecuted, as are Muslims. We also have pollution, economic crisis, heavy rains in Madeira and Rio de Janeiro. All these events have wreaked havoc; they make Isaac feel very ill at ease.”, Oliveira said.

More info about his filmography here.

Watch the video of Lisbon Story by Win Weners, starring Manoel de Oliveira!


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