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When it comes to same-sex relationships we got one thing that a straight couple can’t profit from. An extra wardrobe. You double your wardrobe in just a second when the relationship starts. Just having the possibility of borrowing each other’s clothes is awesome in so many ways. It safes you a lot of money which is always a pleasure. And you get the possibility to mix and match your own wardrobe with clothes from your partner. Just think of the endless combinations you can create! Heaven!

Unfortunately that doesn’t always seem the case with a straight couple. Unless you’re boyfriend is a cross-dresser. Then I would feel sorry for you, cause that ain’t hot. But for me seeing my man in something that’s actually mine is kind of hot. I imagine that’s how straight guys feel when they see their girl sleeping in their t-shirt, it’s sexy. I mean, even Destiny’s Child wrote a song about it. And if Beyoncé thinks it’s something worth to sing about, than we should all agree.

I get happy with the little things in a relationship, and this really is one of those things. Of course there is a flip side to this. Just imagine coming home from a long day of work and you want to hit the city with your friends. You already thought about what you wanted to wear, but you’re outfit is nowhere to be seen. You grab your cell and call you’re partner. “Honey, do you know where my new pants are? Oh, you are wearing them?” Pissed of you hang up the phone. Son of a bitch, now I need to rethink what I want to wear.

And when the ultimate sacrifice happens in a relationship, the break up, it’s time to divide you’re stuff. I dated this guy a while ago and I borrowed his stuff and vice versa. The longer we dated the more stuff from him just happened to appear in my closet. So when we decided to split it was a sad time for multiple reasons, mainly because I had to give back some of the awesome clothing I borrowed.

Even tough I was devastated that we broke up I did decide it would be the right thing to do to give back his stuff. I packed all of his things in a box and was planning to visit his work to give it back. Then I realized that some of his clothes suited me better and it would be a crime to the fashion gods to give them back to him. So I decided to keep the things I liked and I gave back his crap.

Come to think of it… worrying about borrowing clothes and dividing them after a break up is something that straight couples don’t have to worry about.  So I don’t know who profits more when it comes to this situation.


Photo: Martika de Sanders
Styling: Jantine de Vroome
MUA: Rosa Dijkstra

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