Art loves Fashion. The symbiotic relationship of all times.

Observations of the relational influence of art and fashion movements

“Modern”, “avant-garde”, and “contemporary”… all words that critics use to describe a time period, a style, or a movement. These words have always been trending because they label what is currently “in the now”.   There are always new verbs right around the corner, waiting to market the newest style.  What we have been experiencing, is what art critics call the Post modernist movement, or the “after modernism era”. Modernism introduced industry and mass production, while “Post modern” critiques the post-production of culture and society. Art and fashion are hand in hand when it comes to gaining inspiration from each other and always will.  As soon as we began to see PoMo art, we began to see PoMo Fashion.   Fine Art and fashion go hand in hand when it comes to addressing social issues. They’ve created a sort of symbiotic relationship, or mutually beneficial relationship of creative inspiration for both categories.

“Appropriation”, a well-known POMO art term, is very relevant to its creation process.  To appropriate something, is taking something already made, and making it ones own.  In art and fashion, appropriation has been a re-occurring process in society and culture in the past few years. “Over abundance” of the modernity movement two art movements ago, had sparked society into ideas of recycling within every day life. Modernity pushed society into thinking about art in terms of production, while post-modernist created art in terms of consumption.  Eco artists and thinkers are studying NOW studying the product in its disposability, or “end of life” stage.   This appropriation of taking something once used, and reusing it was the main concept for the “up cycling” in eco art, thus bringing up Eco & sustainable fashion along with it.  Taking the object after the production stage, and utilizing the object again after its “recycle process”.   This has now sparked a fashion revolution that many brands are undergoing to stay up to date. While in the end, we may not see so many innovative concepts born the PoMo era underneath all of piles of appropriated jumble, but many fashion designers and artists work extra hard to keep things exciting through the use of their ultramodern visions.

            So what is filling in the post-production, post consumption blank, and becoming the newest creative movement? An “alter-modernity” as world re-known curator, art Director, and art critic Nicolas Bourriaud calls it…or something even more new?

            What ever comes next, and depending on cooperation of artists and designers to come, it is almost guaranteed that the art and fashion symbiotic relationship will continue to transform reality and society, as well as each other, as they stroll hand in hand, and step forward into the newest creative movement.

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