Interview: Barbie Birkin and the Most Glamorous Instagram Account of Them All

Barbie Birkin likes wine, couture, being unemployed, and air travel. She’s hugely popular. She poses at Kanye West concerts and usesJ.Lo’s stylist. She’s friends with the three Kardashian sisters and Jessica Alba. She upstages Katy Perry taking a selfie and talks back to Joan Rivers. But she doesn’t just hobnob with celebrities; she also has an enjoyably bitchy attitude all her own (it’s a bit like White Girl Problems meets Mannequin Depressed):

Who knows … maybe there is an alligator running around with me as a handbag! I mean, who knows what they do with my old skin?

Oh look! Somebody got some flowers, or as i like to call them “Poor Peoples Jewelry”

If I go missing, I’d like my photo put on bottles of wine instead of milk cartons. That way my friends will know to look for me.

So who is this social media darling with personality in spades, famous friends, and over 80,000 Instagram followers? How does she perfectly tiptoe the line between criticizing the plastic ideal of celebrity while pridefully posing as its ideal form?

Barbie Birkin is an eleven-and-a-half-inch doll who is elaborately posed and photographed by an anonymous human accomplice. We spoke to B.B.’s human mastermind about Barbie Birkin’s origins, styles, and the only person Barbie Birkin looks up to.

How did Barbie Birkin begin?

I needed a voice of what I want to say but can’t. She started as a joke on a job but now has become the biggest Barbie diva of all time.

With things like this, a personality evolves. Tell me a bit about Barbie Birkin’s personality.

She has lived a LOT. Nobody will ever know her real age and she doesn’t hold back.

Have you thought about or imagined any backstory for Barbie Birkin?

Nobody knows where or how she came to be. We know she was a model and did a few acting gigs back in the day.

Tell me about Barbie Birkin’s favorite people to pose with.

She loves to pose alone.

How does she get her outfits?

A lot of them are sent to her. A few are finds from eBay.

Did you play with Barbies as a kid?


How did Barbie Birkin get her name?

Barbie Birkin was named after her favorite person, Jane Birkin.

Where do you see Barbie Birkin going in the next few years?

She will keep traveling the globe looking for fabulousness!!

Tell me about the Diana Vreeland quote in her profile — about vanity and narcissism.

Diana Vreeland is the only person that Birkin looks up to. She embodies everything that Birkin wants to be. Bold, Glam, and Brutally Honest.

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