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With a newly integrated outlook on Amsterdam fashion, it is relevant to understand… that I note only what I see.  There is definitely a globalizing mixture of trends that is making up Amsterdam’s specific style.  Influences mix with Amsterdam’s roots, and show a wide range of globalizing trends.  Berlin Goth, Milan Sleek, Paris Chic, Preppy cool… Techie, Ghetto Fab, Tom-boy tailored… funky kitsch, junky homeless, up classed sexy Red light fashion and of course… the prominent unprepared tourist styles.   The religious folk have their own certain look, and of course those who choose for comfort due to their long haul of a commute to work.  One thing for sure…the Dizzy is definitely a rising fashion capital of the world, where the glitterati trendsetters come to play.  Amsterdam accessories are setting new bars for creation, form, production, sustainability, design, wear-ability, functionality and experience.

Most Dam dwellers appreciation the functionality of comfort, and durability in order to with stand the environment and weather.  Fashion connoisseurs who “wandel” the “negen straatjes” know that the idea of a stiletto is for those only fortunate enough with devices to range rover the clunky wobble-stones. Its no wonder the high top sneaker, and the thick chunk heel are two of the most obvious accessories.  Any one who steps foot into Amsterdam’s city enter can understand why the cobblestone streets are known to spell out two dreaded words… “ankle roll”.

While Amsterdam’s red light district is internationally known as the nirvana to, ahem, go get blown… it has also become an emerging center for a classed-up kind of sexy couture known as Red-light Fashion.  Accessories created from these types of inspiration possess lots of leather, rubber, chains, toys, tricks and fringe.   These titillating items are to lust for, and are great for raising an eyebrow of the prudish.

Newer trends in Amsterdam Accessories materialize from unlimited means of inspiration, but the most interesting concepts seem to flow out of the occurring patterns in nature creating whirlwind of Dutch-international visual aesthetics.  Many emerging designers are taking Dutch fashion to a new level and are upping the ante for Dutch Design in the international art rankings across the map.

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