The week of Frankee: Part 2

Here it is… my second diary for AFTV. Another week with ups and downs. With laughter and with tears.

Sit, relax and enjoy!


After what felt like the longest day of work I finally had some time for myself. I had to make some decisions about how I wanted to spend my weekend. Go out? Do nothing? Watch movies? Whilst I was so busy trying to decide what to do with my evening I didn’t realize that it was already Sunday. So I ended at club bed with DJ pillow and MC blanket. It was cosy.

Today I had a reunion with my four best friends. Jennifer, Lauretta, Yolanthe and Fitrah are my girls. I’ve known them for 10+ years and apart we are awesome but together we are pure awesomeness. Just like the Power Rangers, apart good but as a team undefeatable. Anyways, after a much-needed lunch with lots of gossip we went to Yolanthe’s home and had a sleepover.  A sleepover with us means, little sleep, a lot of laughter and making fun of each other.


You may think “isn’t that shirt for ladies?” who cares?! I rock it anyway, I make it unisex if I want it.  Thank you Luxury4Life PR for the shirts.

I woke up in the morning next to Jennifer. Lauretta stormed into our room and asked if we wanted breakfast. Our breakfast consisted of one piece of delicious Red Velvet Cake. That’s how we roll. Treat ourselves when we want it and burn all the calories in the gym afterwards. After some downtime with my girls we decided to go home where a whole pile of dishes was waiting for me.


Crap. I couldn’t get any tickets for Beyoncé. Damn, damn, damn… I’m just glad I saw the Mrs. Carter show before. But I wouldn’t have mind to see the most flawless woman on this earth live once more.

In the evening my friend Jenny came over. She is one of the only friends I can geek about videogames. And that’s exactly what we did that evening. We played videogames in combination with booze and a lot of snide comments.

Wednesday is gym-day.  I’m not trying to bulk up, cause I don’t want to look like an extra from Jersey Shore. I’m a small guy; I can’t rock big muscles. So I stick to an hour of cardio and 45 minutes of other exercises. Once at home I started to write articles for Cosmogirl and AFTV, a lonely but productive day.

Today was a very sad day. One of my best friends, Fitrah, lost her father. He was a very wise and gentle human being. He was loved by a lot of people and he will be missed dearly. His funeral will be tomorrow and I will be there to support my dear friend. Fitrah, I love you and I will always be there for you.


I will keep all of you updated next week with another diary, For now, take care and enjoy your weekend.

P.S. Call your parents to say you love them, life is too short for not mentioning that on a daily basis.


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