Forever Mate – Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation

We remember years and years ago when MAC launched their Studio Fix foundation that it seemed like a Holy Grail of liquid foundations for oily skin was being born, however it was faced with the issues of a medium to full coverage foundation with powder in its composition, a finish that was flawless but not natural and a heavier texture that doesn’t give comfort to the skin.
When one has oily skin, blemishes, oxidation of base colours, unwanted shine and product separation are what comes to our mind in terms of problems and it’s rather hard to find a product that will fit the bill.
But not all is lost, we have thoroughly tested the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder foundation and bring you an alternative for the coming parties.
This liquid foundation is exactly what it boasts, a liquid that dries down to powder finish that does a very good job keeping the unwanted shine at bay, lasts long, photographs well and keeps you looking photoshopped.
However it does require clever application and some rules of thumb.
Make sure your skin is well hidrated and there are no patches of dried skin hanging around because this product will cling to them and detract you from your intent. We sometimes have dry skin around the nose, so we cleanse and massage the area with a washcloth and apply some Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream just to make sure it stays soft and smooth.
Application should be done in small areas because the dry down of this product is uber fast and you want to blend it evenly. while you can use your hands we feel that it gives more coverage than you might need so use them only if need the extra coverage that the product can provide, otherwise we prefer a stippling brush to apply it as sheer and as evenly as possible only going back to the areas that might be discoloured or the eventual blemish. As soon as it is dried down, you can apply your powder products or cream products with no fear of streaking or uneven finish, we tested it with Chanel’s unforgiving Joues Contraste in Rouge and it was easy to blend. We stay away from the eye area because the powder finish and matifying properties of this product might draw attention to any fine lines in the area.
The product is water resistant and we literaly splashed some water in our faces to see how it would hold and were surprised, while we wouldn’t recommend swimming we can garantee that this holds with perspiration.
How matte it’s going to stay or not depends on how oily your skin is, combination skin won’t probably need retouching while very oily skin might benefit of some blotting papers to remove some unwanted shine even if you just get a dewy finish after 4-6 hours.
With running, sweating, air conditioned et all, we didn’t get any oxidation i.e. the dreaded orange finish some foundations get with oily skin.
The product also claims skin benefits like scar fading and something something Edelweiss properties that are supposed to be good to your skin and while we might be a bit skeptical there were no episodes of break outs or skin discoloration after wearing this product daily for at least 10 hours.
It comes with a heavy price tag, but we have learned enough to know that an effective pricy product is worth a dozen of bad products.
Get some samples and test this baby out, you won’t regret it while you’re partying the New Year away and remain flawless.

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