Lie To Me

Last week my parents celebrated that they were married for 38 years. 38 years!! Damn, I can’t even get a guy interested for 38 minutes. In times like these were divorce is just as normal as getting a bikini wax it’s quite rare when parents are still together. When I heard my father speak about my mother how she is the love of his life, I smiled. And when he told me that being with her is like ‘winning the lottery’ my heart jumped for joy.

Commitment these days are rare. Especially in the big city. People go trough relationships like they go through a bag of popcorn. I have been single for four years now, so I don’t even have a good insight on how relationships these days work. But for some strange reason my friends still come to me for advice when it comes to that area.

One of my friends called me in panic after she found out that the guy she was dating wasn’t 27. She found out that he just turned 20. For a 28-year-old woman that is too young. “I was in it for the mind blowing orgasms, not for babysitting the boy!” she said and then screamed: “If I had known this beforehand I would not even thought about dating him, I feel dirty!” I told her that she has been tricked by false advertisement.

We tell ourselves that honesty is the best policy. But is it really when it comes to getting the person that we want? During our first dates with someone we usually don’t show our flaws, we keep telling white lies and we are known to lie about certain stuff. So I guess we are all guilty of false advertisement one way or another.

Lying about your age is of course a big no-no. But what else? What about your fashion style? It’s a known fact that certain fashion styles attract a certain type of crowd. So the way you dress can attract or even arouse a person. Fashion can be a nice foreplay and a nice way to embrace or hide your flaws, but when the clothes come off you have to work with what your momma gave you. So just stay true to your persona and body type either way. Don’t portray yourself as a gothic vampire when you are actually a Disney princess.

Of course are some white lies whilst dating necessary. How many bed partners someone had is actually no one’s business but when we are asked about it, we tend to lie. And you don’t want to let the one that you are dating know that you had better bed experiences before, so we lie. “Yes honey, you are the best.”

And ladies, let’s talk about the biggest white lie of all. Fake orgasms. We all know you mastered that skill. And we all know that you do it to get it over with or to not give the guy a feeling of failure. Some lies are needed to get the relationship going or to not break someone’s ego.

If I ever find someone to be married to for 38 years I know the relationship will be filled with a lot of love, but also a lot of much needed white lies… cause we all know that we can’t help but lie sometimes.


Photo: Martika de Sanders
Styling: Jantine de Vroome
MUA: Rosa Dijkstra

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