Every country has a beloved icon that inspires not only the fashionistas, but also all population, by their life stories and overcoming.

Brazil has proved that knows fashion and that is birthplace of competent designers, creators of fashion and trends.

 When we talk about Brazilian fashion is impossible not to remember Zuzu Angel.

Born in Minas Gerais on June 5, 1921, Zuleika Angel Jones like every famous designer had worked hard to conquer your space on the fashion scene, national and international, but what made ​​Zuzu Angel be known worldwide, was the struggle to find the corpse of her son Stuart Angel Jones, fruit of the marriage with the american Norman Jones.

 At the turn of the 60s to the 70s, Stuart Jones was a young economics student who became part of organizations who fought against the military dictatorship in Brazil. Joining the guerrilla group “Socialist Ideology” in Rio de Janeiro on April 14, 1971 Stuart Jones was arrested, tortured and killed by the Information Center of Aeronautics and presumed dead by Brazilian authorities.

Starts from there Zuzu Angel’s struggle to find the corpse of her son. Her struggle won allies around the world and celebrities of the time like Joan Crawford, Liza Minelli and Kim Novak who supported the cause of Zuzu.

Zuzu Angel created a collection of prints as a protest against the death of her son. Red spots, caged birds and a gagged and wounded angel who was a very strong mark that symbolized her son Stuart.

On April 14, 1976 in a car accident Zuzu Angel was killed, possibly in an ambush to silence the voice of a mother who turned into a lioness to find explanations for the death of her son.

The touching story of Zuzu received several honors. The composer Chico Buarque de Hollanda composed the song “Angelica” in honor of the designer, the writer José Louzeiro wrote the novel “Em Carne Viva” and the filmmaker Sergio Rezende directed the feature film “Zuzu Angel” which depicts the life of the designer.

 The journalist Hildegard Angel, daughter of Zuzu Angel created the” Zuzu Angel Fashion Institute of Rio de Janeiro”, in memory of the mother. Everything Zuzu Angel wanted was to bury her son in peace!



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