Deal Breakers

imagesA new year has begun. Which means for us singles that another year full of dating, flirting and hooking up has started. Some of us are in it to find the love of our life and some of us are just having fun.

Every now and then we meet a person that at first sight seemed a good catch, but than something happens that totally turns us off. So let’s gather around and let’s discuss the biggest deal breakers.

Crazy ex

Okay, it’s time to bow down gracefully and leave this battlefield. If an ex is still in the picture and acts all kinds of crazy it’s time for you to go. Nobody has time for that, especially not you.

Always putting you down

A little teasing here and there is fun. Being sarcastic and making fun of each other is cute, but when the person always puts you down, you get the hell away. Get your cute outfit, killer shoes and dignity out of that door. You deserve better.

Flirting with someone else in your presence

“Are you crazy? All eyes on me please! I’m your date, why are you talking to that airhead wearing a moo moo over there?” Leave and get out if your date likes to get his/her flirt on when you are around. You deserve all the attention.

Wearing Crocs

Huge deal breaker! Crocs aren’t hot. Even when George Clooney tried them on he looked a hot mess. Seriously though, someone with no taste invented those shoes. Nothing, but really nothing, looks cute with Crocs on your feet. I don’t even talk to people who wear them.


Still living at home

If you are dating an adult and that persons mother still cleans, cooks and wash the sheets for him/her. No, that ain’t hot. It’s time to get up in your date’s face and say: Bye baby bye!


Sweat stains, it can happen to the best of us. So if your date shows up sweating, it doesn’t necessarily means that he/she is always like that. Just give him/her the benefit of the doubt. If they are always like that and has a smelly odour it’s time to date someone else. Treat your nose to someone who smells like Gucci, Chanel or Burberry, not someone who smells like Pepe le Pew.


No j.o.b.

Your date doesn’t have to be a doctor or the next world leader. Just as long as he/she makes their own coin than it’s all good. Sitting on the couch all day isn’t attractive. And not being able to go on a nice date cause your date doesn’t have any money isn’t fun. Send your date back to Loserville.

No Style

Hallelujah when your date shows up looking extremely good. The horror when on the second and third date your date looks likes a homeless person. Style is not for everyone, but taking care of your self is. And seriously, anyone who doesn’t know that the H&M, Zara or any second-hand shop got nice clothes for low prices isn’t worthy of our time. You don’t want to be seen with anyone with no taste at all. Next!

These are some scenarios that my friends and I consider to be huge deal breakers. Dating must be fun. The playing field has enough to offer for everyone, so why settle for someone who irks you?

Know it’s your turn; tell me… what are your deal breakers?

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