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“Look at all these people! They are all so gorgeous!” I kept screaming to my friend Lauretta. There were so many gorgeous girls and stylish guys everywhere! I didn’t know where to look. It was my first time at the Modefabriek and I had a blast.

foto 1-1You all know the saying “like a kid in a candy store”. That was how I felt that day.  I am a sucka for events where there is nice music, cocktails and good-looking people.

I guess this is how Alice must have felt in Wonderland. Everything I witnessed that evening was a wonderful experience. But instead of looking at a caterpillar sucking on a hookah I got to see the latest fashion for spring/summer.

There where a lot of stands with new clothes and gadgets to look at. But for me it was all about soaking up some inspiration. I took mental pictures of some guys, not only because they were hot, but also cause I liked what they were wearing. Street fashion inspires me the most, so imagine how happy I was to look at all those people. Everybody dressed for the occasion, but still with his or her own little street style. J’adore!

foto 2-1

The Modefabriek was massive. Lauretta and I did get lost very quickly after we arrived. We were looking through all the chaos, fabulousness and fashion for Graziella (Luxury 4 Life PR) and Amsterdam Fashion TV’s Manuel. They invited us for a drink at the Amsterdam Fashion TV stand. After we found it we were in awe about the amazing clothing by Soboho and Gypsetters. Everything about this brand was totally Lauretta’s style, but even I fell in love with the line, especially with one piece. There was this amazing denim jacket with a hand painted tiger on the back. I squealed like a little girl who has been touched by Justin Bieber. I NEED THAT JACKET!

foto 1

After I stopped drooling over the jacket and finished my duties at the AFTV stand it was time to strut and time to dance. They transformed the food market at the modefabriek into one big ‘club’. DJ Sunny played some of the slickest and sickest jams. Sunny’s music in combination with cocktails, food and a nice atmosphere made sure that every single person had a blast.

foto 3

Modefabriek you were amazing. Thanks for having me. I will see you next year!

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