Jelena Blecic

Amsterdam Fashion Tv talked with Jelena Blecic, a popular 360º Serbian artist. Jelena started her brand Fun Fan in 2012. In 2013 she started a collaboration with Premiata.It, a very appreciated avant-garde shoe company and her espadilles were sold in Milano, Berlin, Cannes and Capri. She is going to approach the Russian and Spanish markets as as well. “Fun Fan” just started a test retail phase in  House of Fraser of Abu Dhabi.


Amsterdam Fashion Tv: Your style is very particular. How would you define your personal style?

Jelena Blecic: My style was born from my soul and my spirit.  Everything in this world already exist the only thing which we can give is our personal interpretation. Everything what I am doing is based on the same very simple platform to look on live from healthier and better side. It’s not easy but it’s simple.

AFTV: I’d like to talking about your process of sketching a design. Can you describe us the general process you go through to design and realize a piece?

JB: As you know I am a painter and designer, everything I am doing in design field is inspired from my paintings and my philosophy which I am building all this years. There are many important symbolic points, layers, stories, attitudes…. I am in process of thinking every day about what I am doing and I love to realize all my ideas constantly. .If you don’t realize your idea you will never know if it is good or not, sketch is not enough! It is very interesting and exciting. I really love my job and my life! Everything is linked, my life and my work, my art and my design. It’s one big system of related dishes.


AFTV:  What do you draw inspiration from?

JB: My strongest inspiration is life. In the same time I am someone who is living, working and floating  on the waves of imagination.

AFTV: Are you working in a new design project?

JB: Of course. Fun fan will be forever a new project. In creative world nothing can stay in one position forever. I am planning never to live rutin life. It is never ending story with clear and strong platform. Except accessories, jewelry , bags, hats, shoes, scarfs, espadrilles. I am working  very hard on the totally different field, it is a world of furniture, and design for space-interior design in some way, and on the end and on the beginning my paintings, of course, as a essence of everything!


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