Amster-Dizzy design, devoured by the fashion delighted: Amsterdam becoming a rising fashion capital.

Amsterdam becomes a rising fashion capital of the world

Art, architecture, design, sustainability, form and function are just a few of the outstanding topics that fulfill Amsterdam’s beautiful intricate web, of “world-defining” culture.  It is no surprise that Amsterdam has now taken its place on the starting bench, as one of the rising fashion capitals of the world.

Amsterdam became the highest ranked newcomer on the list of 2010’s  “Top Fashion Capitals” a yearly survey list created by the “Global Language Monitor” or “GLM”, while  New York  regained the number one spot for 2010 after being defeated by Milan in 2009.  With so many emerging players in the fashion industry, the “Capitals Top List mode” is constantly increasing, as more and more Dutch fashion forward designers, are manifesting out of the earth, and into the fashion playground.

In 2012 Amsterdam took on the number 35, and is now number 17 and on the top “Cities to watch list” for 2014. This means that Amsterdam outperforms other top-notch European cities such as Berlin and Rome who have, unfortunately for them, experienced one of the largest declines in…

well never.

Amsterdam also joins other international cities on the “Cities to watch list” for 2014 such as:

Auckland, Beirut, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Tel Aviv, and many cities in Africa.

Rome has lost 18 places and now ranks 22nd on the list, while Berlin is now ranked 18th.

So what will be next for Amsterdam in the global fashion scene?  Since the Dutch are pretty good at working together, pushing barriers of invention, innovation, business, and sales, I believe they will prove that a capitals size doesn’t matter, when it comes to packing a solid design punch in the nads of culture.

I strongly encourage Amsterdam and the Dutch to keep reaching high to keep climbing the ladder, while making their delectably delish, Dutch-Design-mark, on the highly evolved globalizing world.

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