Celebrity Fashion Vixens: Part 4

celebrities who inspire us to dress better.

Another week, another set of vixens!
Wanna know who made this weeks cut? Find out below!

Nicola Roberts


There is always one member in a girl group that starts out as the underdog but ends up as a total knock out. Nicola Roberts is that girl. The awkward girl transformed into a total babe. Cheryl Cole may have been the most popular Girls Aloud member, but it is Nicola that stole all the hearts of fashion lovers all over the world.

Her quirky personality combined with her pale skin and ginger hair is what sets her apart. But it is also her sense of style that gets peoples attention. Being the fashion forwarded girl that she is made her Rihanna’s first choice to co-host Styled To Rock with her. Styled To Rock was a reality program where Nicola went on to find the next undiscovered designer talent.

Nicola also developed her own make-up line called Dainty Dolls. A line for pale skinned girls like Nicola herself. She also filmed a documentary about the dangers of tanning and became an activist against bullying. All in all, Nicola is as beautiful from the inside as from the outside and that’s why she is one of this weeks fashion vixens.

Michelle Williams


Dawson’s Creek may have been the big break of stars like Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and James van der Beek, but it is Michelle Williams that is the only one of them all who is a box office hit. Every role she chooses gets praised and the girl keeps winning awards left and right.

Michelle was always considered a woman who made safe fashion choices. But after she cut of her hair and set the pixie haircut trend through whole Hollywood she suddenly blossomed into a fashion icon. Louis Vuitton took notice of her growing fashion status and made her the face of their 2013 handbags campaign.

Michelle always dresses with class. You will never catch this woman with some side boob or in an unflattering dress with her panties shining through. Mix some 70’s with Flapper style and Amelie in a blender and you get a sense of what Michelle Williams’s style is.

Emmy Rossum


Many may know Emmy Rossum from her role in the hit show ‘Shameless’ where she plays big sister Fionna Galagher. The character she portrays is nothing like Emmy in real life. Where Fiona looks like a sexy mess in the show, Emmy is a well-dressed woman. There are not that many celebrities who look just as good doing groceries as on the red carpet, but Emmy is.

Emmy loves to dress herself with some romantic influences. Think of red lips, cute dresses and tight fitted corsets. Either way she clearly has the body type to wear everything she wants, the romantic style she prefers can easily be traded in for a more edgy look as she sometimes is seen in.

She may not be an obvious fashion icon, but she is definitely a girl to keep your eyes on. She mat be your new inspiration.

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