Willem Baars is that kind of pro who does believe in people. Full of generosity, charisma and intoxicating humility, is definitely impossible not to become his fan.

Son of journalist from one of the most important newspapers in the Netherlands, “De Telegraaf”, Willem Baars began his career when he was 17 years old as a journalist writing about Pop Music, also for the conceptualized “De Telegraaf” for three years.

On this occasion Baars was at the University of Amsterdam and in the meantime the talented young journalist wrote articles and made interviews for “Hitkrant” and “OOR”, two important Dutch music magazines.

After finishing his studies he worked as a teacher of dutch for four years but writing was in his veins, so he decided returning to” De Telegraaf” but this time as a sports journalist.

Before reaching the position of chief editor at the Playboy Netherlands where he worked for 20 years, Willem Baars treaded a path of success, going through great magazines as Muziek Express, Popfoto and ELLE  Netherlands where did some work as a photographer.

Seven years ago Baars was invited to start a job as chief editor and publisher for “JFK”, a magazine for men and “Jackie” a magazine for women. These magazines earned a prominent place in the Dutch market and currently are very popular among fashionistas and people tuned to what happens on the fashion world,  entertainment and sports.

Willem Baars confessed in an interview for Amsterdam Fashion TV that JFK and Jackie magazines are so far the nicest magazines who he has worked with, he is a fashion addict and that fashion world plays a very important role in his life.

Congratulations Willem!

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