Celebrity Fashion Vixens: Part 7

celebrities who inspire us to dress better.

It’s been a few weeks since the latest edition of Celebrity Fashion Vixens, but we are back!
Once again I put the spotlight on three women with a unique sense of style. The world may have not called them fashion icons or style inspirations before, but in my opinion the not so obvious choices are mostly the best ones.

Amber Heard


This season’s ‘it girl’ has been Amber Heard. The girl who turned straight for Johnny Depp has been all over the place. Gracing covers of magazines, ranking the hottest women alive lists and shining in big blockbusters on the big screen. Hollywood doesn’t seem to get enough of her… and neither do we.

Amber is a striking beauty with her piercing eyes and blonde hair. The term bombshell comes to mind when I think of her and her fashion style. Amber loves to embrace her curves, tight dresses or high waisted jeans are mostly her ‘go to’ outfit.

Heard was that pretty girl on screen that people not really noticed but ever since her role in ‘The Rum Diary’ and being Johnny Depp’s new fiancé made sure that the whole world noticed who she is. So pay attention ladies, this girl will go places and maybe, just maybe, she will be your new up and coming style icon.

Evan Rachel Wood


Playing the leading role in the movie ‘Thirteen’ was the jump start of Evan Rachel Wood’s career. Ever since I’ve been in awe of her acting chops. Evan Rachel is an actress who doesn’t like to play safe and chooses roles that really challenge her.

The same can be said for her fashion choices. She balances her tomboyish side with her feminine side perfectly. She doesn’t dress like the masses but instead puts on whatever she wants. She may not always be the most glamorous fashion vixen, but she is one that a lot of people can relate to when it comes to fashion choices.

TV viewers may know the openly bi-sexual Evan Rachel Wood from her role of Queen Sophie Ann in the immense popular TV show ‘True Blood‘ or maybe from the many fragrance commercials that she did for ‘Gucci’. Either way, this girl marches to the beat of her own drum mixing commercial with indie and high fashion with vintage.

Kelly Osbourne


We all saw her grow up on television and we all saw the beautiful transformation she went through.

If you told me five years ago that I would be writing a piece about Kelly Osbourne and her fashion style I would have declared you insane. Kelly may have had one of Hollywood’s biggest fashion transformations. We all knew and loved her as the bratty daughter of Ozzy Osbourne in their own reality show, but she blossomed into this beautiful young woman with bold fashion statements.

Her evolving style and keen eye for fashion didn’t stayed unnoticed. E Entertainment asked Kelly to co-host Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and now instead of being known as the rebel from the Osbourne family she is the woman that’s known of her strong opinions of fashion victims all over the world.

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