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People, planet and profit

Kahawabags is an initiative of Sylvia Krebber. During her travels in Africa, she became fascinated by the colors, the smells, the materials and especially the people of this continent. Upon seeing the coffee bags at Peeze her thoughts went back to the travel. The atmosphere they tasted it, she now brings to the Netherlands. With her enthusiasm, she has a team around him formed Kahawabags together make possible. A special balance between people, planet and profit.


Kahawabags worldly bags

Kahawabags are authentic and handmade. Exclusive bags that give you that good feeling. Can not be otherwise, because they are made with love. A real Kahawabag has that little bit more, embraces you. And let’s be honest, what could be better than to contribute to a better world. More colorful, more sustainable and fairer.

Commercial and social

Kahawabags example is a commercial enterprise, with an eye to the social environment in which it operates. They create beautiful and functional designer bags, bringing a lifestyle expression, for people who enjoy the finer things in life. In the production process, they work with the Peeze Foundation and  Kommak .

“Fashion with a Mission”


For more information go check their website


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