Sandra in Monochromatic in Mint

Fashion looks in a hurry nowadays, one trend after the other. The craziest combinations and sometimes even fast food restaurants as inspiration (referring to Moschino last Milan Fashion Week). But one ‘trend’ seems to stay for a longer while, it even appears to evolve to a real classic. I’m talking about Monochromatic. Sounds like some made-up word or engineering language, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, it is a real word and is part of the fashion vocabulary.

But what does it actually mean?
Basically it is about dressing in one color, or many shades of the same color. Like pale red on bright red, or ice blue and cobalt blue combined. A total look in one and the same color works as well. This trend is not about a certain piece, like a specific top or skirt. It is all about combining colors of the same ‘family’. Everyone can pull it off regardless of their personal style, body type or season. That is what makes this trend so practical and fun to try. A well-balanced monochrome outfit will give you an impeccable fashionable look. Even worn minimalistic or combined with prints.

My look: I chose for monochromatic in mint green, this color gives me that fresh and spring feeling. The heels I am wearing are nude, but to maintain monochromatic my toenails are mint too 🙂 My prominent piece in this look is the clutch, a sparkling eye catcher.

Monochromatic Mint3  

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