Victoria Beckham Makes Oversized Look Elegant

I spy a major style transition. Remember when Victoria Beckham’s uniform used to be the most suction-cupped dress she could wiggle her little bod into? Well, I can’t pinpoint the exact moment — sometime in 2013 — but holy moly, girlfriend has gone to the opposite extreme, enveloping herself in as much extra fabric as possible. We’re talking oversized!

This month, she was snapped in powder-blue Chloé trousers that were so baggy, I feared for her safety (I’ve always wondered how she struts around in those major platforms, clearly she’s deft in all precarious circumstances). Posh is still as slender as ever, and I happen to dig her in both silhouettes. But, what do you think caused this tectonic style shift?

Here are some before-and-after shots to give weight to my theory. Which shape do you prefer? Have you ever had a major fashion morph?

In a compact color-block dress, Ms. Becks gallivanted around NYC November of 2011. Then, as she checked out the progress on her new shop in the UK last Thursday, she chose trousers that look a few sizes too big and an everyday T-shirt.

On the left, the designer holds her signature pose (always one leg out!) in a strapless black silk number for Marc Jacobs’ Spring ’09 Fashion Show in NYC. Then, last June at the Glamour awards in London, she opted for a billowy pantsuit. I think she does them both beautiful justice!

In July of 2010, Vicky wore fitted beige for a Range Rover party in London. While the dress is naturally a bit outdated now, she still happens to look fabulous. About a year ago, around when her deviation from skin-tight began, the mother of four looked slouchy-chic in NYC.


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