Exactly What to Keep Under Your Desk to Be Prepared for Just About Anything

Which of these scenarios best describes you?

A. You arrive to work on a summer Friday, looking pretty casual wearing a draped T-shirt, a pencil skirt, and flat gladiators (ready for the weekend!) and get called into a meeting with the BIG BOSS.

B. Ever the multitasker, you head to the gym before work and pack work wear along—but forget…a bra.

C. The cute guy you’ve been texting with for weeks finally asks you for a casual drink tonight and you’re wearing a non-flirty but work-perfect shift dress.

Sound familiar? I’ve been caught in every one of these situations, and that’s why I come prepared. Yes, in the bottom of my desk drawer here at Glamour lies my very own fashion emergency kit. I’ve perfected the kit over the years, and it’s gotten me through many a fashion pickle. Take a look:

1. A soft knit blazer that doesn’t wrinkle. Whether you’re wearing a dress, a skirt, or even trousers, a classic black blazer will keep you perfectly polished to head into an impromptu meeting, lunch, or even a presentation. This one is by Loft.

2. A rayon knit dress. Let’s face it, some days we don’t feel like dressing up, but when you have an unexpected meeting to attend, this wrinkle-free dress will be your best friend. Make sure it grazes right above your knees or at your knees. Also look for a dress that’s either sleeveless or cap-sleeved. Love this one by A.L.C.

3. Basic Pumps or d’Orsays. Now, a pump can take you from board meeting to date, this we know— but you don’t want to bury an expensive pair of pumps in your desk drawer for all eternity. Choose something chic and affordable, and trust me—you will have days where you’ll thank your lucky stars you bought them. These d’Orsays from Zara are calling my name!

4. An oversize clutch. There is nothing less date-y than showing up to meet a guy carrying a big work tote. It’s just schleppy, for lack of a better term. So look for an oversize clutch that fits your wallet and cell phone, and just pop your essentials in there and leave your tote at the office that night. This trick saves me all the time.

5. A statement cuff. If you’ve got to go from day to night, or just need to add a little pep to your look at the office, a statement cuff is an easy way to turn up the fashion quotient. This one from Topshop is a great option for the spring and summer months.

While I do keep an extra bra in my desk drawer these days, I think you guys will be more responsible than me— so it’s not on my list! Do you keep emergency fashion items under your desk? If not, would you consider it?


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