A New Line From the Founders of Juicy Couture

You may know them best from their work at Juicy Couture, but founders Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor insist those days are long behind them. After creating Skaist Taylor, the duo is back with Pam & Gela, a true-to-their-roots L.A.-luxe line out this spring. I sat down with the two designers and co-authors of The Glitter Plan (due out May 29) to get the scoop on the collection.


Designers Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy

Glamour: Tell me about how this collection came to be.

Gela Nash-Taylor: It is really based on our California aesthetic. Super-comfortable, casual, easy pieces that you can be totally be comfortable in and look chic and put-together.

Glamour: And this is the third collection you and Pam have done together?

Gela: This is the first collection for Pam & Gela. We had Skaist Taylor, and we loved it. People loved it, our girls loved certain things, but people had a problem saying the name. Pam & Gela was always something we wanted to launch as well, but we didn’t know about the timing. Finally someone was just like ‘do it!’ And so that casual luxury thing that we are obsessed with—track and sweatshirts and easy fabrics—we just put this line out and people really loved it.


Glamour: How would you say it differs from Juicy and Skaist Taylor?

Gela: It’s more causal than Skaist Taylor, for sure. And when we open stores we’ll have Skaist Taylor in the stores, like Prada and Miu Miu. I mean, the through line with Juicy is they’re both casual collections but they aren’t alike.

Pamela Skaist-Levy: Juicy was then!

Gela: Yeah, Juicy was who we were then, and this is who we are now.

Glamour: Would you say it depicts your evolution and how you are as designers now?

Gela: Yes, exactly. Inherently we are Juicy but that was a long, long time ago. And just like everyone has changed since then, so have we. The vibe is different for sure, it’s who we are now.

Glamour: Festival season is coming up, what pieces could you see at Coachella or Lollapalooza?

Gela: I mean the red at Coachella with the perfect hat, bag, and shoes I can totally see. It’s cold at night; you keep the sweatshirt on. During the day, take the sweatshirt off and just wear a T-shirt underneath.


Pam: We have a really cute romper that’s got caught off sleeves—

Gela: And that’s indigo fleece.

Glamour: Oh, so it will keep you warm too.

Gela: Yeah! A lot of it would work for Coachella. I guess it’s because we’re California.

Glamour: So how would you say your modern-day tracksuit differs from the Juicy ones of before?

Pam: It’s a completely different silhouette today than it was then. Juicy was low, tight across the bottom, it had a flare. Listen, I love a flare, but people are not into that right now. It’s a much slouchier, lower-rise kind of a vibe. Juicy was a different day!

Gela: Your eye changes, ya know? So it’s slouchy, you scrunch it up, it zips up the back, it has a muscle sleeve.


The Pam & Gela tracksuit

Glamour: What would you say you’ve learned from Juicy to Skaist Taylor to now?

Gela: Nothing! I’m just kidding. We have learned so much. How to build a business, a brand, a team, and have it remain fun and love your life. Keeping it real.

Pam: Right now we’re in the really great entrepreneurial stage.

Glamour: Cool! Last question, what sort of trends are you guys into right now?

Pam: I think everyone’s obsessed with leather.

Gela: We love the hard and soft. We’ve always loved feminine with an edge. Feminine with an edge, but comfortable. Spanx-free [laughs].

Pam: And our goal is to always take a basic fabric like fleece and say, how can we treat it, and dip-dye it, embellish it, and make it different and give it a good twist. Different things that just strike our fancy.

Gela: And I have to say, nobody is really doing anything right now that looks like what we’re doing. And we’re happy about that. We want to do our own thing.


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