Black & White (with Pops of Color)

There are two colors that will always remain classic when worn in a monochromatic palette: black and white. White is clean and feminine while black is polished and effortless. There’s no surprise that the two colors paired together make for a timeless look. The purity of white balances the edginess of black and vice versa. You can control the amount of these elements by playing with the ratio of black and white. Adding white details to an all-black outfit will add mystery. Mixing in splashes of black to an all-white outfit will create allure.

This Spring, go one step further and add a pop of color to this ying yang color combination. Inspired by my latest look, sneaking in little bursts of color can add intrigue to a two-tone color combination. In my look, I’ve mixed a playful, feminine white dress with black accessories and red lipstick and soles. The minor introduction of black to the outfit adds just enough edge to balance the ladylike silhouette and color. The addition of red brings adds the element of glamour.

Borrow the look from supermodel Miranda Kerr who is wearing red lips and nails together with a black and white dress. Kerr’s dress has cut-out details which helps prevent any one color from overpowering the look. Take a note from socialite and fashionista, Olivia Palermo, who has combined a funky shoe with a black and white palette. For a sexier look, follow Taylor Swift’s lead and make it all about the dress. That is, a solid white dress with curve-defining black lines. Her black sandals accentuate those lines and it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift moment without bold red lips. If you want to stay closer to a classic black & white combo, note how Jessica Alba has casually thrown a navy coat over a black suit worn with black and white heels. Whatever direction you decide to go, keep it chic with a bit of flair.

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