Trends You Can Wear Right Now From the Runways at Los Angeles

Thanks to Francesca F.

1. Welcome to the Future!

Time travel, be gone! The futuristic metallic movement is here and was evident in nearly every runway show. From Molten pumps to built-in belts and trendy trousers, this futuristic look has plenty of staying power. You don’t want to overdo it though. To avoid looking as if you’re a time traveler, pair metallic pieces with a simple structured piece (for instance, silver or gold shoes with a simple sheath dress) to let the shiny finish give your ensemble a striking contrast.


2. The ‘90s Are Back!

OK, don’t get too freaked out…we’re not talking grunge here. But we are discussing overalls (yep, you heard that right). Most of us haven’t thought about wearing the denim pantsuit (because that’s what it really is, right?) since we were kids, but L.A.’s Fashion Week showed off a twist on the former farmer threads. The 2014 version is much more modern and shapely and can be pulled off perfectly with a pair of heart-stopping heels or a cute crop top for a more casual look.

3. Leather!

Faux leather, real leather, whatever it is you prefer, it’s big for fall. On the runway, leather was featured on so many levels: edgy, girly, and contemporary. The smallest touches made for major impressions: prints, pant details, pockets, and elbow patches. For a more feminine faux-leather look, try a peplum top with a pastel accent. If you’re looking for a fiercer find, style a pair of faux-leather pants with a bold heel.


4. Cool Cutouts

We’ve been seeing cutout dresses on the red carpet and the runway for a while now, but if you were hoping the body-baring trend was on its way out, well, think again. The best part though? You don’t have to be a sample size (or Jessica Biel) to pull it off. The look was featured in the form of eyelet and geographic gaps on necklines, plunging backs, waists, and even shoes! If you prefer to stay away from baring your midriff region, focus on a high-neck ensemble with cutouts near the shoulders to stay classy but still remain sassy.


5. Bold Statement Pieces

So check this out: We know to expect fierce and fabulous from Betsey Johnson, but even she outdid herself this time. I did a double take when I saw that most of her runway models were wearing rings with mice on them. (Just take a look below). Some were even blinged out in crystals! Bizarre, sure, but it got everyone talking and looking. Now, it won’t work for most of us (I don’t think you’ll see me walking around Pittsburgh with that), but find what does work for you—and what you love—and showcase that. If you’re drawn to structured jackets with exaggerated shoulders, throw your hair up in a pony and show off the neckline with a drop earring. If a chunky necklace is your thing, look for a piece that utilizes the futuristic trend and make that your style point. Whatever it is, make it an extension of YOU.


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