Leather: Hot for Spring

Leather is the go-to material for coveted footwear and handbags and can even be seen in skirts and jackets during the colder seasons. It seems to have gotten the reputation of being a fall/winter material.

Leather has quickly become a fashion staple, usually in the form of a jacket, pair of heels, or a purse. It’s often treated as a fall/winter fabric, but with the many ways to wear leather, why hide it in the back of your closet during the warmer months? There are countless possibilities to keep cool in this hot for spring trend.

If you’re going to opt for a leather jacket, you might as well go light and go perforated. Try a perforated jacket in a white or pale color.

On that note, try a perforated leather skirt. You can even get away with greater lengths with this heat-ready fabric. Pick an a-line midi for an extra feminine flair.

With the rise of the crop top this Spring, why not mix things up with one made of leather? It adds an edginess to an already sexy look.

To achieve an updated sporty look, try a pair of drawstring shorts in a pastel color, like pink.

For ultra ladylike elegance, refresh the circle skirt trend in a leather fabrication. The fullness of the silhouette will keep you cool all day long.

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