Celebrity Fashion Vixens: Part 8

Celebrities who inspire us to dress better

 The sun is shining and it’s time to refresh our wardrobe.Don’t have any inspiration for what to get? Then get inspired by these three fashion vixens.

 The three picks for this week might not be obvious choices, but that’s what I am here for.  Get ready to fall in love with these three young talented women.

Adrienne Bailon

Some might know this latina stunner from her time in female r&b group 3LW, or from the teenage girlgroup The Cheetah Girls or just as the ex girlfriend from Rob Kardashian. Either way this little songstress has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time.


I’ve been following her career ever since she told guys ‘No More’ in the debut single of 3LW till being a host in the hilarious talk show ‘The Real’. Miss Bailon has developed her own spicy style in the last couple of years. She is short with curves and she knows how to dress herself really well. It’s no surprise that she was one of the most wanted guests at New York Fashion Week 2014. She was everywhere this year… and she looked gorgeous everywhere she went. Just check some of her photo’s and get inspired.

Taissa Farmiga

In demand, that’s what Taissa is. Ever since her break-out role in American Horror Story as Violet she has been named one of the hottest young talents under the age of 20.


Taissa didn’t want to be an actress; it’s because of her sister (Vera Farmiga) that she stumbled upon this career. She still has mixed feelings about the business, but directors can’t get enough of her. Sofia Coppela casted her in ‘The Bling Ring’ and Ryan Murphy wanted her back for another season of American Horror Story.

Her laid back attitude and no-nonsense way of thinking can be clearly seen in the way she represents herself. Her style is nonchalant but still casual. A touch of bohemian mixed with emo and classic, that’s what Taissa is all about. She may be one of Hollywood’s brightest stars at the moment, but don’t be surprised when she will also be in high demand with fashion brands in a few years from now.

Mollie King

I might be biased here because I have a little crush on Mollie King. She is bubbly, energetic, pretty and a total babe. She is 1/5 of the girl group The Saturdays and just launched her own clothing line called ‘Loved by Mollie’.


Mollie’s personality is infectious. She is always smiling, an optimistic at heart, she believes in fairy tales and is a romantic. At the same time she is super girly, she loves colour, she loves clothes that shows her sex appeal, but always keeps it classy. All these traits can also be said about her own personal style and about her clothing line.

Miss King has landed a lot of sponsorship deals whilst being a Saturday girl. Veet named her one of their spokespersons. Impulse deodorant and Maybeline followed quickly after that.  And to top all of that she was also signed by Next Model Management. So I guess it’s not just me who is infected by Mollie, now it’s your turn to fall in love with her.

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