New Releases for NARS April 2014

We know, we know, we weren’t incredibly excited about the NARS Spring Collection this year and it seemed almost a wee bit sad that it was all we were going to get, nevertheless being more Fall/Winter we just moved on to another makeup obsession.



Then it started popping out everywhere, contour duos, new brushes and *gasp* Matte Multiples! So basically this is a rundown on the new products and what we’re really excited about.


First, the contour duos, we think that the first contour duo we’ve got our hands on was Make Up For Ever, only available in one set that was suited for fair to medium skin tones and the contouring shade was cool and slightly grey to create the illusion of shadows, I guess that is why we were never quite queen on using bronzers for contour, the shades weren’t realistic and most bronzers had bronze or gold shimmer which defeated the purpose of creating a shadow.

We really enjoy NARS powders, they’re most likely one of our favourite powder blushers, whether we’re talking about pigmentation or the sheer gorgeousness of the colours and we have several and repurchased several more, so the idea of a contouring powder has left us rather excited about it and while the colours seem too warm to work for contouring we know that we’re going to have to try them and we’ll let you know.


The new brushes are a much needed revamp, but again it’s something to consider if you need to thicken up your brush collection, we love NARS brushes and own a few but the only one that stood out for us has been the angled blush brush which was really lacking in their line, they kept their artisan kabuki inspired ones and we’re really glad, the Yachiyo alone is dream in a multi-purpose brush.


Last but certainly not least come the Matte Multiples which have been our only discontentment with an overall amazing product, sure the shimmer isn’t disco ball crazy but being able to control not only the intensity of the shimmer or tone makes it for an even more versatile product so they’re definitely on our to watch list and so far we definitely want the Siam because having a poppy red blush is probably one of those items that you can pull off in any season, depending on intensity.

On a final note, NARS certainly delivered all sorts of goodies for beauty junkies everywhere and our only suggestion would be to create sculpting and highlighting shades in their Multiple because not only is the blending a lot more skin like, the texture and pigment of the Multiple would have been surely adored by makeup artists everywhere.


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