A Statement Necklace

A great way to spice up a simple and plain look is to add a statement necklace.
Nowadays there is more jewelry than ever in stores. And you don’t have to spend hundreds of euros on good looking pieces with enough glam. A gorgeous necklace can be the center piece in your look and attract a lot of compliments. Just be aware not to overdo it. So the best is not to wear any other jewelry.

Just put focus on that one stunning necklace.

If you overdo by wearing also earrings and bracelets for example you might get the ‘Christmas three effect’. This means it is just too much. For a’ Chirstmas three’ that is ok, the more the better, but it usually doesn’t work on people that way.


  1. Combine with a monochromatic look
  2. Do not wear other jewelry
  3. Keep the rest of the outfit simple
  4. Experiment with colorful necklaces
  5. Perfect for a casual/nonchalant chic look


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