Beauty Myths – Should it be all in the family?

There are a lot of beauty myths out there, every now and then we get confronted by them and it’s our job to be informative to the client instead of just filling him or her with stuff that doesn’t suit their needs.

beautymyth03And the biggest beauty misconception, for us at least, is that as far as skincare routines, they should all follow a complete line from a brand, from cleanser, to toner, serum, moisturiser and exfoliator all “in the same family”.

And while this is some brands biggest marketing gimmick, I mean we’ve heard for decades that  a routine only works within a particular step-by-step of products and that means absolutely nothing because reactive skin and acne-prone skin don’t have a surefire formula that agrees with that skin type, we’ve heard more than one sob story of someone that invested quite a deal of money in a holy grail group of products and then their skin erupts or reacts in a less than stellar way.


We don’t recall when we only wore one skincare brand because it was just failed promises, along the years we’ve learned what cleansers go well with our skin, what moisturisers and serums enhance our skin and it’s basically a multi-brand family of products that deliver us what we want.

beautymyth02Bottom line? Don’t get brainwashed by a pretty campaign that delivers you a world of promises and use your experience on how your skin reacts, it doesn’t have to be all 1-2-3 because a brand can offer an amazing serum but on the other hand give you an irritating cleanser or exfoliator.

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