Brazil has received distinguished visitors and among them are “Preston Bailey”, the most famous decorator of parties in the world. Bailey who was one of the first African Americans that worked as top model, still maintains the lightheartedness and posture from while ago when he shined in the trail of the legendary “Studio 54”. Today regarded without exaggeration, the greatest decorator of parties in the world, Preston Bailey provides services from royalty Qatar to Hollywood celebrities. On his list that is not small are Joan Rivers, Michael Douglas, Oprah and Uma Thurman. The famous entrepreneur Donald Trump and the founder of Napster and Facebook partner Sean Parker can not get off this list. During his visit to Brazil Bailey caused a stir among socialites and colleagues of profession, with his Panamanian simplicity, was keen to visit from the most popular places to the most sophisticated restaurants in the city of São Paulo. Any mere mortal can have a party decorated by the genius of decoration of parties, nothing that $20 million cannot afford.

Are you willing to invest?

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