Golfing in Rome? Yes you can at Club Parco di Roma

When you think about golfing …. you wont think about the Ancient Rome…. but you should. During our last visit in the eternal city we had the pleasure to meet the MD of one of the nicest golf path in Italy.

Giuseppe Miliè is managing the Parco di Roma Golf & Country Club in a magister way.

Everybody who would like to have some great time golfing in one of the most beautiful city of the world …. ROMA …. should go visiting this amazing location managed with great elegance and sobriety.

Stay tuned…. a full reportage is coming to show you the complete facility where to go receive great service and enjoy some quality time.

Parco di Roma Golf & Country Club
via dei Due Ponti, 110
00189 ROMA (ITALY)
Tel. +39 (06)
Fax +39 (06) 33.15.762

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