Celebrity Fashion Vixens: Part 9

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It’s been a while, sorry. To be honest, I had this article already written, but forgot to send it out. So you don’t have to wait that long for part 10 ‘cause I finished that one. Already and it’s a special TV character edition… but first this edition. And for part 9 I picked three ladies who graced our screens with their unique beauty.

I like my women in all shapes, sizes and colours and this edition is no exception. Two Indian beauties and one blonde up and coming star.

Mindy Kaling


You might know Mindy Kaling as the naïve, pink-loving and girly Kelly Kapoor from the hit show ‘The Office’. Ever since the show ended she gained much popularity with her own show called ‘The Mindy Project’ where she writes, directs and produce most of it.

Being called chubby and overweight by many critics I find that Mindy is the ultimate fashion vixen… Alright, I see a few eyebrows rising, but put those eyebrows down and witness the many fashion statements this Indian stunner is giving us every week.

The clothes she chooses might not look good on everyone but Mindy knows how to work her curves and bright colours are a perfect match with her skin tone. If you like these pictures I should recommend you to watch ‘The Mindy project’ and witness the amazing styles that they give her on the show.

There was a whole uproar when Elle Magazine put her on the cover. Some people where complaining that Elle Magazine was hiding her curves (and skin tone) by just focusing on her (pretty) face. Either way, Mindy looked amazing and it was about time that a fashion magazine gave her the spotlight.

Becca Tobin


To be really honest I lost interest in Glee a while ago. In the fourth season the cast added Becca Tobin as the uber bitchy Kitty. With Glee adding so many new faces and forgetting some old faces it’s hard to keep track on the current cast. Ever since Becca graced the screen I took notice of her. She delivered her lines with a punch, she was sassy and had a face that captivated me. I liked the girl and I did some research on her.

I quickly stumbled upon her Instagram and noticed that she isn’t just another pretty blond girl from Hollywood. This girl has some style and she knows it. Her Instagram is like scrolling through a lookbook combined with some personal photos.

I’m not selfish and I love to share the fashion vixens that I like. So I hope you girls take a minute and look through her pictures and get inspired. I don’t know what the future of Glee brings for her (is she even still on the show?), but I hope to see her fashion, her style and her face on the big screen in the future.

Freida Pinto


Another Indian beauty… Yes, this might be one of my most obvious choices that I have picked in all my editions of ‘Fashion Celebrity Vixens’ but just like Chloe Sevigny I can’t forget this pretty lady. Freida has a style that is immensely influenced by her roots which makes her always stand out on every red carpet event.

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was the big breakthrough of miss Pinto and the fashion world is thankful for that. Soon after the release of the movie she garnered immense popularity and has since than not been excluded from the ‘most beautiful people’ lists all over the world. Since the movie she became a spokesperson for L’Oreal and was featured in many fashion campaigns.

Even though she has the possibility to rock every huge brand on the red carpet I really like that Freida doesn’t feel the need to stick to well known, international designers. In the process she’s raising the profile of Indian designers. Gotta love it!

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