You Can Maybe Fit Two Lipsticks Inside These New It Bags


You can maybe fit two lipsticks inside the latest crop of It bags.

OK, kidding! You can also probably fit your phone, keys, and wallet.

But that’s it. And it’s fine. Because what else do you need?

Think of these mini bags—which have been popping up everywhere—as stand-ins for your trusty clutch. Take one out with you at night.


Actually, come to think of it, they’re slightly better than clutches. Thanks to their sturdy top handles, you can hang them from your arm all nonchalantly. Look! No hands.

This particular style of tiny bags is very ladylike. They look perfect with those full skirts everyone’s been wearing.


They also go really well with pants. That’s because basically they’re just shrunken down versions of regular-size top-handle bags. And we all love those.


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