Fashion Food at “Vendôme” – BERGISCH GLADBACH, GERMANY

Joachim Wissler
Joachim Wissler at Vendôme BERGISCH GLADBACH, GERMANY

Vendôme may be named after the capital of Loir-et-Cher but that doesn’t mean it serves French food. In fact, Joachim Wissler has become renowned for his celebration of traditional German fare, which he gives a modernist revamp as part of the ‘neue deutsche Küche’ movement, of which he is a master. Influenced by molecular cuisine, the chef’s deeply personal cooking style embraces decades of German dining habits and sometimes forgotten ingredients which, elegantly deconstructed, come together on the plate as a symphony of contemporary and creative elements.

From nouvelle cuisine of the 1970s and 1980s to the Mediterranean movement of the 1990s, which put olive oil in German kitchens for the first time, Vendôme’s tasting menus of up to 17 courses offer a culinary discovery of the past reinvented. Retro-classics are reborn in dishes such as foie gras snowball with truffle foam and tamarillo, while a recent German interest in Asian cooking is evident in its wine pairing of plum-infused sake rather than a traditional German sweet wine.

Housed in a cavalier cottage that forms part of the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg, with views of the bay and the Cathedral of Cologne, Vendôme’s spacious dining room features neutral furnishings and touches complementing Wissler’s love of ingredients, clean flavours and simple compositions. His food is modern and thought-provoking, making the dining experience at Vendôme unforgettable.

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